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I was born in Derventa, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

While in high school I became interested in still photography but my real involvement in film started when I was accepted at The National Film School for Dramatic Arts, FDU, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.


I continued my education at the renowned National Film School (FAMU), Prague, Czech Republic, where I earned my Master’s Degree with Honors in cinematography.

Shortly thereafter, I came to the USA to continue my professional career.​

Since my first feature film shoot in 1994, I have been working steadily in the film industry, making numerous features and made-for-TV films, television shows, commercials and documentaries. I was involved in several high profile documentaries for Pixar, ILM, The Hearst Corporation, and am completing “The History of Imagineering” for Disney Studios currently.

For my work as a cinematographer I earned several international awards, including a nomination for “The Golden Frog” at Camerimage, The International Film Festival of The Art Of Cinematography, and “The Best Photography Award” at Mostra di Valencia international film festival in Spain.


I am also a passionate still photographer with several solo and group exhibits on my resume.


In 2010, I became a member of the American Cinematographers Society (ASC), the world’s most prestigious cinematographers’ organization.

I am a proud father and husband and currently living and working in Los Angeles.


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